Guide for Authors

Thank you for considering submitting your research article to Expert Journal of Economics! This guide will provide you with information on the requirements for submission and approval of your articles on economics.

Article Submission Checklist

Ready to send your article? Here is a short checklist that can help with your next article submission:

  1. Original Article – As an ethical and fair-dealing practice in journal publication, we encourage Authors to submit articles that have not been in any other journal or review and are not under consideration to be published by any other publication.
  2. Proper Formatting – Authors should make sure that the article’s text complies with the stylistic and formatting requirements presented in the template provided for Article Preparation.
  3. Microsoft Word format – In order to hide certain author-related information for the review process, each submitted article should be in an editable Microsoft Word format.
  4. Article SubmissionSend Your Article Here
  5. Review Process – Expert Journal of Economics promotes a double peer-review process that lasts between 1-4 weeks.
  6. Finalizing the Article Publication Process – Upon article acceptance, based on the double evaluation process, you should cover the Article Processing Charge (APC) for the final stage of publication in Expert Journal of Economics.

Article Processing Charge

The publication fee for each accepted article at Expert Journal of Economics is 150 Euro.

This Article Processing Charges (APC) covers the entire cost of the publication process and helps us keep our journal open access and extend the dissemination of research to global audiences.

This author contribution in the form of APC covers a broad range of services, such as: Editorial Process Costs, Archiving and Visibility Costs, Marketing Costs, and Operational Costs. Find out more information about the publication fee at Expert Journal of Economics.

There are no additional or hidden costs. We do not charge any other fee for longer articles, extra pages, additional authors, or bank commissions. There is only one APC per accepted article.

Here is how our publication fee compares to similar economics online academic journals:

Read more about APC

Discounted Fees for Recurring Authors and Reviewers

We value the contributions and support that our Authors and Reviewers bring to Expert Journal of Economics, thus, each Recurring Author or Reviewer will benefit of a preferential publication rate, in the form of a 20% discount of the normal APC.

Article Review Process

At Expert Journal of Economics, the identities of the Reviewers and Authors remain anonymous, thus this evaluation takes the form of a double blind peer-review process, which occurs in two stages, as follows:

Firstly, every submitted article undergoes a plagiarism evaluation and then, if the article does not exhibit high levels of plagiarism, the economics paper is reviewed by 1 or 2 Editors.

The Editors evaluate aspects related to the novelty of the paper, match to the journal’s topics, organization and structure, readability, relevancy of cited references, among other criteria. Articles that are already published, fully or partly, in other publications or websites are neither reviewed, nor accepted. Based on their grades, the Editors decide if the paper should be further assessed by one or more Reviewer.

Secondly, the submitted economics manuscript will be verified by at least one Reviewer for a comprehensive evaluation of the paper, that includes assessment of the study’s importance, contribution to existing literature, design and analysis of research, results’ interpretation and discussion.

The evaluation decision of article acceptance, acceptance with minor editorial changes, acceptance with major revisions, or article rejection is based on the average score given by Reviewers. Both the Editors and the Reviewers grade a submitted article for each evaluation criterion on a scale of 1 to 5, considering the fact that 1 = Poor, 2 = Below Average, 3 = Average, 4 = Good, 5=Excellent. To be accepted for publication, the article must obtain an overall score of at least 3.

Our main objectives related to the rigorous double peer review process are to help Authors improve their work, using insights from experienced Editors and Reviewers, and to publish valuable articles that expand on a particular field study. This comprehensive guide can help with your next article’s double peer review process.

With our rigorous peer review process we aim to help Authors improve their work, using insights from experienced Editors and Reviewers and to publish valuable article that expand on a particular field of study. Find more information in this comprehensive guide for your next article’s double peer review process.

Originality and Plagiarism

Articles sent to Expert Journal of Economics should reflect original works, and the authors should appropriately cite and quote any influential publication or work of other authors.

A plagiarism analysis is a key pillar of supporting the integrity of the publication process and abiding to the ethical standards of article publication. Therefore, each submitted manuscript is thoroughly examined for plagiarism and checked for resemblances and similitudes to existing published papers. Articles that denote any form of plagiarism are rejected.

To find out more about the many forms of plagiarism, please read our plagiarism detection policy.

Article Copyright

At Expert Journal of Economics, Authors retain the copyright to their work. The journal is only granted the first publication right. However, the journal is not responsible for subsequent uses of the authors’ work.

As a supporters of open access, we believe it is important for our Authors to retain the copyright of their academic article published under a Creative Commons license. This implies that the paper can be freely redistributed and reused by the Authors and other Researchers as long as the published article is correctly attributed.

Article Preparation

Expert Journal of Economics invites authors to submit their articles in English (both British and American usage are accepted). All articles should adhere to the style requirements available and outlined in the following links:

Author Guidelines Author Template

Please note that the preferred format for submitting manuscripts online is Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx).