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Updates on the Public Debt Crisis in the EU Economies

This article aims to approach highly important and current aspects regarding the public debt crisis in the European Union’s economies. The current economic situation determined by the effects of the crisis is causing the governments of the countries worldwide to streamline their processes in terms of collecting revenue from the state budget and then redistributing them on the principle of performance and economic efficiency. Under these conditions, this article is based on a set of previous research and studies conducted at the EU level. In these analyses and studies, the following aspects were examined: (1) European Union’s competitiveness in terms of country risk and fiscal discipline, and (2) Fiscal policy under current challenges and constrains at EU level. Based on these empirical analyses, a series of complex relationships are highlighted within the European community, more precisely in the context of markets with turbulences and search frictions that currently exist in the...

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Analysis of Equilibrium at the Euro Area Level from a New Model Perspective

This paper aims to address issues related to equilibrium at the Euro Area. Research methodology implies a wide range of methods and techniques that are used to analyze macroeconomic phenomena and processes at the Euro Area. Following the empirical analyses, namely exploratory factor analysis and structural equation modeling procedure, we propose a model of equilibrium in the Euro zone, an area characterized by the existence of market with turbulence and search frictions. Using this econometric modeling technique, we test and estimate causal relationships that combines a series of empirical data and quantitative causal hypotheses.

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A New Perspective of Investment Modelling at the European Union Level

The study that represents the subject of this paper follows the analysis of the investment function and the influencing factors at the European Union level. The research has, as a starting point, the hypothesis that there is a negative relationship between the European Union investments and tax rates. For verifying this hypothesis, the structural equation modeling is used (SEM), and the same technique is applied in the second part of the research, which will track the development of the investments’ model at the European Union level. The results will highlight the relationships that are established between specific variables that characterize the volume of investments.

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Analysis of the Economic Research Context after the Outbreak of the Economic Crisis of 2007-2009

In this paper it, we have conducted a factor analysis which implied determining the international research directions that have characterized the period following the outbreak of the crisis in 2007 and 2008-2011. In this research, we used secondary data that were extracted from 342 articles, which were based on 665 individual researches. Following this research, we have identified three main research in the macroeconomic areas which explained 56% of all the analyzed research. Also, the results showed the trends in macroeconomic research after the start of the crisis in 2007.

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A New Approach of Investment for the Future Economic Policies

The investment takes the form of sums of money spent for the acquisition of capital goods, changes in business inventories, and the purchases of new residential housing that are not currently consumed, but will be used in the future for the growth of the wealth. The work covered by this study aims to identify the model that presents, in the best possible way, the method of investment's calculation and to determine the factors of influence. In the first part, the investment is analyzed as a linear function dependent on the interest rate; and the second part implies a new model for determining long-term investments.

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