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Romanian Academy, Bucharest, Romania


An Epistemological Archaeology of the Concept of Economic Order

The paper addresses, from a logical and epistemological perspective, the concept of order, in general, and the concept of economic order, in particular. For this purpose, the phenomenological "window" is used by which the subject (both cognitive and praxiological) knows or ”creates” economic objects. From the methodological point of view, the study proceeds, first, to identify the predicates of sufficiency that the concept of order implies. Next, an epistemological mechanism for the detection, putting into evidence, and qualification of an empirically given economic order is introduced and qualitatively examined. The paper is maintained within an abstract approach, following which subsequent research directions establish relevant classes of economic orders, both from an intellectual perspective (that is, who uses the subject's intellect) and from a praxiological one (that is, who uses the sensitive ”endowments” of the subject).

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On Changing Categories

Although it is not still clear if the time passing is a result of world changing, or reversely, the world changing is a result of the time passing, I think it is very clear the changing in the external and internal world of the subject is real. The paper examines, from a logical point of view, the abstract categories of changing, no matter the field involved. More precise, it provides the complete list (in the author’s opinion) of distinctive types of changing, classified in two fundamental types: a) changing of first order, and b) changing of the second order. Based on this classification, certain analyses and assessments are delivered, regarding the logical features of them.

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