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The Bucharest University of Economic Studies, ASE Bucharest, Romania

Gabriel JIPA

Mobile Applications Buying Opinions Exploration using Topic Modeling

Mobile devices proved to be disruptive for businesses. Installing, accessing and buying a new application become easy. Application marketplaces called Application Stores provides security (due to certification process imposed to developers), accessibility, application lifecycle serving as a central point for distribution, retirement, versioning, payment and consent for terms and conditions. Also, it allows capturing users feedback and application ratings. In general, we identify two categories of mobile applications available for installation: zero cost and paid. The way the developers monetize the apps usage can differ significantly, but installations/ downloads are part of an ecommerce transaction intermediated by the platform providers (Application Stores). Some applications offer a substitute to existing services (or extending distribution channels of a business) while others offers unique products or services available only through the platform/ mobile application. So, why some...

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