Abel OUKO Cheruiyot W. KIPKOECH Emily KIRIMI

Effects of Measurement Errors on Population Estimates from Samples Generated from a Stratified Population through Systematic Sampling Technique

In various surveys, presence of measurement errors has led to misleading results in estimation of various population parameters. This study indicates the effects of measurement errors on estimates of population total and population variance when samples are drawn using systematic sampling technique from a stratified population. A finite population was generated through simulation. The population was then stratified into four strata followed by generation of ten samples in each of them using systematic sampling technique. In each stratum a sample was picked at random. The findings of this work indicated that systematic errors affected the accuracy of the estimates by overestimating both the population total and the population variance. Random errors only added variability to the data but their effect on the estimates of the population total and population variance was not that profound.
JEL Classification P42, R23
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Abel OUKO, Department of Mathematics, The East African University, Kenya
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The East Africa University, Kenya

Cheruiyot W. KIPKOECH
Technical University of Kenya, Kenya

Maasai Mara University, Kenya